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the Superhero In You

Unleash Your Inner POWER



Do you want to discover a path of loving yourself without fear, judgement or criticism by developing the tools that will help you deal with life in a healthy way?

This introductory virtual course is designed to provide physical, emotional and mental tools to help you navigate through life with ease and grace. In this three-session course, you and your family will learn techniques to eliminate fear and anxiety, uncover hidden superpowers and unleash the hero in you.




Tapping into your Superpowers

Meditation And Breathing 

Set the groundwork to tap into your superpowers. Learn the science of meditation, master your breathing technique and quiet the monkey mind! 

Lasso of Truth

Becoming a Human Lie DetectoR

Discover the science behind Kinesiology (muscle testing). Learn the sway method and and push your newfound abilities!


Rise of the super human

Developing Your Intuition

Understand the 4 types of senses and unearth your strongest superpower. 
Begin to understand your intuition and put it to the test.

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